Smart Meter Reading and estimated figures

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I’m a brand new AGL customer. We have an existing smart meter with solar panels. Our first bill shows an estimated reading that is way out.  If I try to use your ‘Enter Your Meter Read’ facility it says I can’t as the reading is taken automatically.
1. If the reading is taken automatically then why is a very inaccurate estimated reading used?

2. If it is too difficult to read remotely then why can’t I enter a reading?


31/8 Update after phoning AGL: Apparently out smart meter is one that cannot be read remotely so AGL plucked  estimated figures out of the air. AGL tells me that neither I or AGL staff can correct the estimated reading that has been entered. Plus the next months bill will also be estimated as the next physical meter reading is not until October. So we have to pay 2 bills that are way out and then get a credit after the meter is read in October.
The AGL estimated usage on the front of this bill is 1040 kWhr - A 5 people house is estimated at 847 kWhr. I'm certain that AGL is aware that we are a 2 person household - so how do AGL come up with their estimated figures?  Very poor. 
The phone support staff were pleasant and as helpful as they could be. However we may soon be looking for a new supplier if this is a taste of AGL systems.

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Hi Harufy,


I was just curious about your post.  You mentioned that your smart meter is installed (which should be the case if you have a solar panel installation).  But I'd be more worried about why it can't be read remotely.  Did AGL happen to mention why? Technical issue? Smart Meter compatibility? etc.


Issue is that your meter should be feeding the excess unused solar energy to the grid.  Just need to make sure that the grid consumption and feed-in-tariff are being read properly. But if your meter can't be read remotely, I think you'd want to get that sorted sooner rather than later.


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Hi Schander,

Thanks for your reply. The meter is an EDMI Mk7c Atlas. I 'think' this meter was installed when the house was built in 2008. We purchased in 2010.


We installed a 1.5Kw system in 2012 and have been getting credits for solar that we generated from it.  Our previous supplier, dodo, were giving us quarterly bills and I assumed they were getting data remotely, but not so apparently.  The problem only became apparent when we joined AGL and opted for monthly bills.


I've since contacted AGL and they have arranged to have the meter updated next month at no cost to us. 


Update at 19:46: I've logged it all with EWON. Affording the over the top estimated usage is not the issue. I just want their system fixed so future newbies don't get caught, or can get an amended bill.