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Re: Massive Increase in power consumption following move

just electricity - and not on town water, so would expect a slight increase due to electric pump operation - however, with just one person at home vs 3 previously and 30% consumption between 12 am and 6 am - i am concerned that there is an issue with the meter - please arrange for inspection/check of the meter.
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Massive Increase in power consumption following move

Morning, have just moved from the Mornington Peninsula to Foster in Gippsland - both properties have 3 bedrooms, tow bath rooms etc., so very similar.Received my first bill recently - 1335 kWh vs 900 approx for the same period last year at the previous home - i am currently the only person in the home, whereas 3 people were living in the previous property. I recently received a copy of AGL insights and was surprised to see that 52% of consumption was due to hot water consumption and that almost ...
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