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Re: No usage data since 3.7.19

Hi Jayden, Thank you for your response. I have just checked my app again and it appears to have updated and is now showing the missing data from the 3.7.19 up until Tuesday. I assume that you worked some magic behind the scenes so for that I thank you. Your prompt response and attention has been greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful day!  Thanks again. Kind regards,Nicole
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No usage data since 3.7.19

Hi, After some assistance or advice if anyone can help me? I have been unable to see any updated usage on my app since 3.7.19. Has anyone else had this problem and if so how do you go about resolving it? Really don't want to be spending hours on the phone being shifted from department to department. Am having enough issues with my telco and nbn at the moment so if someone would be able to advise the best way I can rectify this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.
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