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Re: Rubicon power stations

Good to hear @Dale1, Currently, all stations part of the Rubicon Scheme are offline, and AGL plans to return all of them once the maintenance and upgrades have been finalised. Cheers, Lachlan
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LachlanS AGL Employee

Re: Rubicon power stations

Hi @Dale1 , Thanks for reaching out about the Rubicon Power Scheme - AGL's oldest power generation site. The Rubicon Scheme is, in some parts, nearing 99 years old. Whilst Hydroelectric generation sites do not necessarily have an end of life date, maintenance and modernisation efforts are required to continue operating into the future. AGL is currently upgrading some of the plant associated with the switchyard and gear. Rubicon should be back to generating in the next six to eight months. ...
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Broken Hill Battery Energy Storage System

AGL is proposing to build, operate and maintain a grid-scale battery or battery energy storage system (BESS) of approximately 50 megawatts (MW) and up to 100 megawatt-hour (MWh) in capacity at Broken Hill NSW.
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Re: Camden Gas Project

Hi @DanCamden, The government regulators for gas wells in NSW are: Lead regulator for gas in NSW is NSW EPA; andNSW Dept Planning Industry & Environment – Mining, Exploration and Geoscience Work activities on the wells are undertaken with a high level of regulatory oversight by the NSW Government’s Division of Resources and Energy and the NSW EPA as lead regulator, and to standards set in the NSW Government’s Code of Practice for Coal Seam Gas. AGL provide a financial security bond to the N ...
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