Smart Control Tariff 35

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There is a "Smart Control Tariff 35" listed on the Retail Contract Residential Rates available online.

Is anyone on this tariff in a residential situation that can tell me their experiences, and how do I apply to connect on this tariff?

We are purchasing another house (but not moving just yet), and I am considering connecting to this tariff as it appears it might save us money, means only one meter (I think) and associated charges, and allows for less  underground cabling for one tariff (future). No doubt it requires a smart meter and we need to take care when we use high energy consumption devices!

I will have solar hot water but rather than connect a hot water tariff, I believe we can use 35 tariff and pay any additional cost of boosting, considering the very few times it is required per year.

We also have a Solar PV system, but this does not require additional cabling. 


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Hi prolecs,


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Tariff 35 (smart control) is available to customers with with controllable residential loads (usually electric hot water) who are already on a residential demand tariff. No additional cabling or reconfigurations are typically required.



Hopefully this helps!





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Hi Jayden.


Thanks for the feedback. To be honest, the answer is not much of a help, but if it applies mainly to hot water, it appears of little use to me (with solar HW).

Let me ask some specific questions though. (I might add, there is next to nothing on the website that I can find, and what is there is full of technical jargon that the average consumer has no idea about).

  • I assume 35 is in place of 31 or 33, and one still requires a “normal” tariff?
  • And meter?? (If so, I don’t save on meter charges);
  • I assume the advantage over 31/33 in the pricing (13c vs 17c or 22c); what is the disadvantage?
  • Does it use a signal on the supply cables to switch the particular energy consuming device/s off and on, much like 31 and 33 relays are controlled now?


I might try Time of Use tariff, so a few questions on TOU.

  • If I have TOU, is it the only tariff I can have? In other words, all consumption is via the TOU,  one meter, one meter charge.
  • Can I change from TOU at a later date?




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Hi Roy,


Thank you for getting back to me.


To clarify your questions:

  • Yes, 35 is in place of 31 and 33. You will still have a 'general usage' tariff as well as 35.
  • Assuming you already have a smart meter, no further changes to your meter are required. 
  • Tariff 35 makes use of the same signals/configuration that tariff 31 and 33 do.
  • Yes, it is either TOU or a single rate tariff at any one time
  • You can change between a single rate tariff and TOU as you see fit

You can find more details about both of these options here by clicking the 'Show full details' option in the 'Pricing' section:

Kind regards,