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Re: Smart meter EDMI Atlas Mk7c

If you are getting accurate & reliable readings at MY ACCOUNT / USAGE on your AGL website then I reckon the red light must be the way it should be. It would be nice if someone at AGL would acknowledge our concerns. Regards
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Smart meter EDMI Atlas Mk7c

I have been struggling since about 20 Feb to get my feed in data to be reliably shown on my account's usage page. I am satisfied that that has now been fixed, and for that I am grateful. However in my efforts to research that problem I have discovered that on my EDMI Mk7c the 2 lights more or less in the middle of the front are shown as "1000 Imp/Kwh" on the left, and "connection state" on the right whereas on your picture of the Mk7c the lights are shown as (I think) Pulse 1 and Pulse 2. I real ...
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