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AGL Metering Data Errors

I am a retired electrical engineer and an early adopter of the AGL VPP. I maintain a database of daily consumption and solar production, sourcing data from the AGL website, SA Power Networks (SAPN) website, AGL Solar Command, Tesla and Fronius.The AGL csv data from their website is used to drive the AGL phone app and is the basis from which AGL bills are created. The 11th column in this data is a “Quality Flag” and is normally “A” for actual read from my smart meter.From 1st June 2017 until 13th ...
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Richard Stellar

Re: Monthly, seasonal and annual solar production data for Adelaide

Hi Kim, I've finally got around to expanding my radiation data, as you can now see. in Solar Production Data For Adelaide And Other Cities I've also included Newcastle in case that helps.Cheers,Richard
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Richard Stellar

Solar Production Data For Adelaide And Other Cities

SOLAR PRODUCTION DATA FOR ADELAIDE AND OTHER CITIES Updated to 31 March 2020 INTRODUCTION I am a retired electrical engineer and have compiled a spreadsheet based on 6.36 years of solar power generation in the Adelaide area. We have 5.2 kW of panels on the roof, consisting of 20 REC 260 PE watt panels facing north at an angle of 27.5° above the horizontal, and with no shading. For the period from 17/11/2013 to 21/05/2017, I have used the daily solar energy production data from our original sol ...
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Re: An Engineer's Case Study: Panels Are A Must, But Forget The Battery

Hi Graham, I also have a spreadsheet of 30+ SA electricity plans and 19 SA gas plans.If you live in SA and would like me to tell you accurately and definitively which are the best plans for you, I can do so if you send me your bills.One year's worth will give a very good result, although it can be done from one bill, but two years would be slightly better as it would average over repeated seasons. My email address is rich.m.ball@gmail.com for easier communication. Cheers, Richard
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