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Re: Make "My Account" accessible while overseas

It's some months later and this is still an issue: I can't log in to the app while overseas. The website works fine, but for the app I need to use a VPN to pretend to be in Australia. I'm not sure how this adds any security vs just being a hinderance, or worse (e.g., a customer might be forced to use a public computer instead of relying on their own device).What is an overseas "hacker" going to do if they log into my account? Pay my bill?
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Re: Net meter not zero when it should be

As it turns out the problem was that AGL had connected my account to my neighbour's meter instead of mine, so I was seeing someone else's usage.
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Net meter not zero when it should be

I've noticed for a particularly sunny and clear day that AGL still reports 10-30 cents/hour of cost during the middle of the day, when my solar monitoring shows the solar production was uninterrupted and the local usage was well below what was coming in through solar. How does net metering work, and what could explain the >0 cost during high solar production hours?
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