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Energy monitoring in app/website doesn't work

Hi. I recently had a new remote smart digital meter installed. It looks to be an MK7A. I was led to believe this would allow me to do stuff like this: https://community.agl.com.au/t5/What-s-New/My-Account-Updates-Two-new-features-to-help-track-your-energy/td-p/6411 Unfortunately, even after about 2 weeks - I don't see any evidence of "real time" power feed information or even daily use statistics when I log into my AGL account. What am I missing? Is my new smart digital remote monitoring meter a ...
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Digital/Smart meter, please?

Hi there. I'm a long time AGL customer (way back in 2012 I ended up getting on the solar band wagon). It hasn't always been the best of experiences - I've had a few incorrect bills/things the company has done me wrong by...but...these things pass. I've got two meters in my power box. One old mechanical meter and one "ripple flow" type meter. Neither of them are "smart" meter units, as such - and they have no communications capability. I've been made aware that AGL is putting smart meters onto ho ...
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