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Electric meter reads always now rejected, Gas reads always ok

Never getting help via the offshore support, so frustrating. Anyone else have this recurring problem? Has only been a problem for me since their rate hikes. Strangely the gas reads are always fine. I've 2 theories: One, is that the parameters have been changed so my albeit legitimate reads are being rejected.Two, is that my dormant older meter needs a static read every time too. This number never changes, so again this may be the cause of the read rejection. I'm researching other providers th ...
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AGL Electricity app stopped working 07 Aug / AGL gas part of the app is fine

Anyone else had this issue? I do self reads every week, from the 07 Aug I have only been able to do AGL Gas reads. For electricity, I'm getting that 'it's not you it's us' message, or it's error'ed out b/c AGL want me to contact them, but won't reach out.
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