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Re: efficient use of energy - real time monitoring (Peak Energy Rewards)

@David_AGL i have looked at the app, and that's a bit useless in that there is a lag of over a day to see what my use was presented as half hour portions the idea is good, but the delay makes it only useful for analysis, rather than real time monitoring why isn't that info more easily accessible? it can't take a computer a day and a half to register real time info and as an aside, how does agl pull that data on a daily basis? i'm curious and why isn't agl keen to encourage uptake of powerpal? ...
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Re: efficient use of energy - real time monitoring

thanks, that's very useful it's a pity it's not online on the site as well, which is convenient given 25" of screen versus a phone
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efficient use of energy - real time monitoring (Peak Energy Rewards)

agl seems keen to have me Join AGL Peak Energy Rewards and you could get bill credits for reducing your home energy use during peak times, when the grid needs a helping hand. it's a leap of faith to participate when i am already pretty energy frugal, and have no real time way to see if i am meeting an invisible target i note that victorians are able to receive a powerpal device simply by applying, and thus can undertake real time monitoring which would certainly make it easier to see what di ...
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Re: smart meter installed - no notification

additionally i now discover online from the australian energy regulator: Your retailer must give you two notices to make sure you have a chance to opt out:• your retailer must write to you between 60 and 25 business days before they propose to replace the meter.• they must write to you again at least 10 days after the first notice and no less than 15 business days before theproposed date to replace the meter.In these letters, your retailer must tell you:• that you have the option of opting out o ...
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