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Re: Does standby electricity cost to run

If youre talking about appliances on standby mode, then yes, these can actually use quite a bit of power and cost over time
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Re: Electricity Rates Increase from July 23.

You'll only go onto the default offer if you don't choose a new plan. You can go to your account on the website and click change energy plan and choose one of the other plans.
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Peak events in winter??

Hi, I signed up for Peak Energy Rewards at the beginning of summer and joined a few events. I saved about $25! Great! I'm wondering how frequent are these events over winter? In cold areas where heating is used is it common to see peak events offered on cold days ?
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Re: Understand how much CO2 we are producing

Emissions factors for electricity grids can typically be found on the website of the relevant grid operator or regulatory authority. Some countries also have centralized databases for emissions factors.
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