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3 weeks ago

Re: Energy use on my bill

@RussellR wrote:Hi teamI recently received a bill for my new build, at present the only energy use (electricity only) has been excluselively for construction, entirely day use and yet my "energy insights" says I have used 38% of my power for hot water, up 52% on my last bill if you didn't know!!!!20% on cooking, 14% on entertaining, 10% on lighting 9% on laundry and 9% on other. Well what a crock of **bleep**!!!!I hope no one is making decisions on where to save power based on these bull**bleep* ...
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Re: Solar Grid Overvoltage fault

@myccpay wrote:Since the sun came back out I have been getting this fault more. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Is it my system or the Grid? ImportantFault:Grid Overvoltage[1];It turns out Australia’s standard isn’t 235 volts plus or minus 8%. It’s actually 230 volts +10% or -6%, giving a range of 216.2 to 253 volts. You may be wondering why the plus goes all the way up to 10% and the minus only goes down to 6%. Well, that’s because Australia2 really wanted to be able to say we had chan ...
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Re: Connect air conditioner to controlled load

@Dunkinrunsonyou wrote: Connecting your air-conditioner to a controlled load would mean that it would only be available during Off Peak hours (23:00 to about 06:00 in most States).To run it during the day you would have to manually push the by-pass switch to use it (this is Peak Rates). If you have two controlled loads you would be better off to have the heater on one and AC on two (if both are available). Other wise if you press the bypass button then you may be heating your hot-water at peak r ...
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