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Re: First estimated bill

Hi Neil, Thanks for your response and detailed answer. But what I want to know is that.I want to know why AGL estimated it even though there is data on SAPN. Could you please double check the AGL and SAPN data for the period from 20-Jan-22 to 2-Mar-2022 ? Please check the attached screenshots. Regards, Peter Kim.
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First estimated bill

Hello AGL, I got my first bill a month ago and I was annoyed because it was over estimated and I found that there is usage data on the SAPN page.I don't know why the bill was estimated even though there is usage data on SAPN. I complained about this and I got a response that they are still aware of this issue and It's going to be applied. But I found it's not applied when I've got a new bill.I also got a replaced bill from my previous retailer with detailed data. I don't know why you still esti ...
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