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Re: Smart meter codes on Endeavour network

Thank you for your response which was helpful. Since I posted originally I have visited site (a new build) on 8 separate days and recorded values. They appear consistent with your information but with one major difference, where you have indicated prior month mine are almost certainly prior day.It would appear that the meters are programmed by AGL Technicians and they may well use different parameters for different purposes. I guess as long as they get the fields for billing consistent and cor ...
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Smart meter codes on Endeavour network

I have a smart electricity meter Atlas Mk10D and would like to know the meaning of the 8 codes that it displays, so that I can understand the system performance direct from the meter. I have solar and 3 phase power.The codes are:EHP - although I suspect it is actually EXP being displayed on a very basic LCD.nEHPINPNINPPEHPPNEXPINPPNIN
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