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Re: Demand Charge

Hi @Lindley & @Gerard109 The Demand Charge is actually separate from your usage charge. These are the definitiions from the AGL site for a NSW customer: Residential Demand Tariff: Demand charges are based on the load you place on the electricity network. It is measured over 30-minute intervals during the demand time period. The highest measure is used to calculate your demand charge for the entire billing month. High-season Demand - From 2 pm to 8 pm on working weekdays during 1 November to 3 ...
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Re: Time Power turned off

If you have a smart meter then you could download your usage data. Then, if you have some devices consuming electricity, e.g. TV's on standby, then you can look for half hourly interval with no consumption.
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Re: export

Single phase is 10kW, but no limit on the number of kWh. Some plans drop the daily feed-in rate after 14kWh. <edit> it turns out this is far more complicated. Different states and different suppliers as well as different regions have different limits. Ausgrid in NSW permit a maximum of 10kW feed-in for single phase. BUT elsewhere there are miriad of different limits. Many are 5 kW, but is it safe to say, no matter where you live, you need to check with your local installers.
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Re: Time of day usage data

Do you have 1 or 2 lines for each 30 minutes? Do you have Solar? I’ve been playing with Google sheets as well as Excel. What information do you want to extract from the data?
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