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Re: Improve Login Screen

Re: Improve Login Screen (Neighbourhood | AGL Subscription Update) I am using the AGL App on an Apple iPad Pro 10.5” using iPadOS 14.7.1 Further to my suggestion to include the ‘@‘ and ‘.’ symbols to the initial alpha keypad on the App login screen. See AGL login keypads where Alpha keypad includes only alpha characters.Log in options allow entry of an email address or a mobile numberA user entering an email address has to- enter their email name on the alpha keypad- go to the numeric keypad to ...
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Improve Login Screen

Entering email address in login screen: Since an email address can be entered as part of login info, could I suggest that you include the ‘@‘ and ‘.’ symbols to the first A-Z screen so user does not have to go backwards and forwards between the first and second screens to complete an email address. Ease of login: I have tried the ‘email plus password’ and the ‘email plus the 6-digit AGL generated and emaile ...
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