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Keep up-to-date with the latest news and features relating to your AGL online account and digital services.

Keep up-to-date with the latest news and features relating to your AGL online account and digital services.

Introducing Trade Points to AGL Solar Exchange, a new way to earn more rewards when you trade

AGL Employee

We are excited to have recently introduced a brand new feature to AGL Solar Exchange called Trade Points. Trade Points is a new way to increase your membership rank and could in turn, help boost the amount you save on your electricity bill.


It’s easy to earn Trade Points. You can earn points by doing three simple things:

  1. Refer friends and family

Receive 3,000 Trade Points when friends and family join AGL Solar Exchange


  1. Make connections

Receive 1,000 Trade Points when you successfully connect with another AGL Solar Exchange participant. Your new connection will receive 500 points as well!


  1. Trade and earn

Earn more Trade Points with each successful trade you make and climb the membership ranks.


Trade points.PNG



Share your thoughts with us!

We will continue to iterate and improve this feature to give you more opportunities to earn points and would love to get your feedback and thoughts.


You can either comment on this thread below, or email us on aglsolarexchange@agl.com.au


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Awesome changes, definitely makes the program more exciting + to be active on! I do have some questions: - Previously you were only limited to 5 friends & family members. Does the new program have no limit on how many friends and family members you can add/connect to? - Will the points ever expire or get reset every month? I believe I read you'll still be on the same tier once you are upgraded to the next rank?

AGL Employee

Thanks for the positive feedback @Lyon!


With Trade Points, you can refer or connect with as many friends and family members as you like, the more you refer or connect, or trade Solar Tokens, the more Trade Points you will earn. The points accumulates based on your actions on AGL Solar Exchange and will not expire. 


That's right, to start with, your tier (ie. Bronze, Silver or Gold) will remain the same, until you start accumulating points. Log in to your AGL Solar Exchange dashboard to check out your current tier and number of points you have! 

Awesome! I'm now checking my dashboard more often and actually have incentives to sell my solar tokers lower to friends (just so that I can accumulate more points, ha!)
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