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Hi, I am sure I should know how my solar works with agl but I dont. When we installed our system a couple of years ago I thought in doing so, I would be saving a heap of money, oops, how wrong was I. Is there a publication out there that talks me through, step by step, on the correct way to use in order to save said $$ or is it that while saving up for said system i missed the opportunity to effectively produce my own electricity to power my home instead of buying from agl? I miss the days that i could go and see someone to explain things i need face to face as I am not good with online stuff at all lol

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Hi @Michelle


Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community. 


The easiest way to explain how your solar system works is: 

  1. The solar panels produce DC (direct current) electricity 
  2. The electricity is fed into your solar inverter, that converts the electricity into AC (Alternating Current) electricity 
  3. The AC electricity is then used to power appliances in your home
  4. Any excess generated electricity is then fed into the electricity grid
  5. You would then receive any feed in tariff credits (FIT) on the excess electricity 
  6. At all other times your electricity consumption is drawn from the grid 


The best way to save money with your solar system is dependent on your families situation. To lessen your dependency on the electricity grid - you might find it best to use majority of your electricity consumption during the day. However if your family uses most of their electricity at night then you would best to turn off all unnecessary appliances during the day to boost excess electricity being fed into the grid. You might find this article interesting about '5 solar power tips that you didn't know about'. 


If you want to send a private message to me with your AGL account details, I can investigate your account further and see if I am able to breakdown your current consumption versus generation. You can send a private message by this link



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My original system was 6 x 150 watt panels which the salesman assured me would cover all my needs, how gullible was I and maybe I should have done more studies. I have upgraded twice now and at present have 14 x 300 watt system and making money but it has cost me more than I am making along the way. I too deal better with face to face contact but was duped by the salesman in the beginning, so feeling your pain.