Still waiting on a net meter

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Still waiting for a net meter to be installed. Currently have solar panels and not able to use the solar we are producing. I was told I would have a net meter installed in April. It's now August and nothing. The last conversation I had with AGL I was told that were no technician in the area, next minute I had a digital meter installed. Why not install the net meter while you were at my house! Argh! Losing so much money waiting and waiting and still waiting.


Anyone else have a solution as AGL not helping. Swap company? Install own? 

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Hi @Tamsimps,


Thank you for your post, and sincere apologies for the delay on your net meter!


Generally speaking, your changeover to a digital net meter will be completed by your local Distributor. However, the one exception is for NSW residents, where a level 2 installer must complete the task. It is a great shame to understand that this has taken so long, and we would love to help. Our solar service team will be the best point of contact, to resolve this matter. You can contact them on 1300 356 363 (option 4, then 3). 


I hope this helps to expedite the matter, and please let us know if anything else comes up.




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My brother had his solar installed by Bradford Solar in July 2017 and is still waiting (we are now nearly October 2017) on a Smart Meter to be installed by AGL.


He still unable to turn on his solar system.


He has made numerous phone calls and still nothing



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Hi Simon, 


Thank you for letting us know about this issue. Please let your brother know that he is more than able to escalate this matter through our complaints team by emailing them at


I am very sorry to hear that this has taken so long and hope that your brother is able to receive a resolution quickly.


Sincerely, Dave.

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I am waiting nearly 2 years for agl to install a nett meter.

They keep telling me that they will install one,but up until now still nothing,not even a date,just you are on the list..

I have given up.

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Hey robert2,


We're sorry to hear this!


If you can me a private message including your AGL account details, I'll be happy to follow up on this for you.


Kind regards,