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I got my solar rooftop panels installed two weeks ago and have been waiting on AGL to reconfigure my meter. I got a text from AGL today stating they have received the request and it will take upto 30 business days to reconfigure the meter. The question I have for AGL is what law/rule prevents me from turning on the solar inverter before the meter is reconfigured. The meter reconfiguration is to merely calculate how much power I am feeding back to the grid. Thats's it, unless I am missing something. The meter does not generate the power/energy. If I am paying money to get solar installed it is my choice to determine when i use it. I use Solar energy during the day and I use the conventional energy at other times for which I am paying my retailer (AGL). I have been hearing that AGL fines people who activate the Solar before the meter is reconfigured and I am looking for a formal response to why this requirement exists. On one hand government expects people to go green and use available natural resources and on the other hand retailers make the whole switching over process so frustrating for the consumers. Any help/information is appreciated.



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Hi csansare,


Thank you for your post.


Your meter in it's current state (before your meter reconfiguration) is only capable of recording power going in one direction. Theoretically, if your solar system begins exporting more power than you import from the grid your meter will begin to turn backwards, which will result in your next bill being estimated is there will be no reasonable or accurate way to determine how much power you've truly imported from the grid. Once your meter has been reconfigured it will be 'bi-directional', meaning that it will be capable of accurately recording electricity passing through it in both direction simultaneously.


In addition to this, you can be hit with fines and penalties for turning your system on before your meter is reconfigured depending on your particular states legislation, though these are not imposed by AGL.


You can find out more about this subject from a consumer-perspective in this article, though it's important for me to acknowledge that AGL are not affiliated with 'SolarQuotes' in any way.


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