Solar meter upgrade has a fee of up to $594.00

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I just have my house installed solar system.  my house is duplex,so I and neighbor share one meter box,but our meters and switchboard are separate. The solar install company told me Agl will contact me to book upgrade solar meter. No booking no telling, suddenly this Monday when I was working I got one call, He said he is electrician from AGL and he is at my house,He cant upgrade meter and AGL will contact me book another date. Today I got one email said "solar meter upgrade request at the above address was not completed due to "customer has shared contacted and timer for hot water system, potential to become live when working. Network outage required."Please be advised that isolation has a fee of up to $594.00.

 I have no idea what is shared contacted and timer for hot water system is. I and my neighbor have our separate electricity bill. even solar installer dont need to turn my neighbor's power off during installation I dont know why AGL need another $594 for isolation

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Hi @clamp 


Sorry for the delayed reply - I've just come across this thread. Did you manage to resolve this issue yet?