Smart meter EDMI Atlas Mk7c

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I think AGL is ripping off solar customers via the miscalculation of solar export kWh. I have the usual EDMI atlas mk7c smart meter which shows energy imported and exported to the grid. The results are fed to AGL which appear on my bill.
The import numbers I have on the my meter match what’s shown on my bill, and these are broken down further into shoulder, peak and  off peak which isn’t visible on the meter. The end reference minus the start reference results in the amount I’ve bought from the grid, which is shown in kw in the last column. 
On the energy exported line on the meter, the cumulative total is shown, and this matches the end reference on my bill, but the issue is that the resultant kw exported does now match the difference between end reference and start reference.  For example over the month of April, the difference on the energy exported line was about 500kwh but the bill shows only 6kwh as the calculation. Again in May the reference difference is close to 500kwh but AGL is giving the result as 0kwh. Now I spent a long time on the phone to AGL and they’re saying I must have used the power in the house. Of course this is incorrect because I can see 20-30kwh generated on many days, and my energy used is before after my solar hours, so it should be showing up as energy exported due to much different timing. Since 06 April virtually no solar export has been registered by AGL even though the smart meter is giving you 4-500kwh each month which isn’t being processed by your bill calculations. 
this is a major issue that could be occurs g to thousands of other customers and it needs to be resolved. 

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This is happening to me too. From what I can see started doing this on the 1st or 3rd of November