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I requested for a Smart Meter in June 2017 for Account No.xxxx0072 in NSW. Still waiting for a net meter to be installed. Currently have solar panels and not able to use the solar we are producing. I was told I would have a net meter installed in August. It's now October 2017 and nothing happened to date. The last conversation I had with AGL I was told that were no technician in the area. I have an approval ANC 7901 to install additional Solar panels and waiting for Smart Meter to use the Solar Power Generated during the Day. Losing so much money waiting and waiting and still waiting.


Anyone else have a solution as AGL not helping.

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Hi @Firoz,


Thank you for letting us know of this ongoing trouble you have had and I hope you will accept our apologies.


If you have already been in contact with our Digital Metering team on 1300 669 245, you will be more than able to escalate this matter through to a complaint. You can do this by send me a private message with your account details. 


I hope this reaches you well and thank you for your continual patience.


Sincerely, Dave.

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My brother has been waiting a similar length of time and has been given the run around too, AGL seem to be quite incompetent, received a call today and still unresolved 

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I'm sadly going through the same headache now too..I've been ringing AGL since Feb, 18 it's now April and I have panels but no solar meter 😞 . I'm so disappointed considering I have been a loyal customer for many years.  I speak to so many people and their managers but no one cares.  They say they would call me back and no one emails or calls back.  I call back wait on the phone for more than 1/2 hour and either they disconnect the call on you or let you wait until you hang up.  I'm so very frustrated and no one cares. I had a confirmed booking for end of March, and no one turned up and no communication from AGL #unhappyaglcustomer 

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Hello dlema,


Thank you for your post!


I'm sorry to hear that you've been impacted so greatly by this delay! If you can send me a private message including your account details, we'll be happy to follow up on this for you.


Kind regards,



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I have the same problem as you have indicated. However, when I requested information and was given the run around I responded appropriately. The response was to remove me from this site. I am now going to fair trading and then to my local member. AGL is just not interested in getting this sorted because they can take your solar power to the Grid for free and then provide you with an estimated account because they say they cannot monitor it...Incompetent is the right word....


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Hi Rupert,


Thanks for your post!


I just wanted to drop in to clarify that your thread has not been removed and can be found here. You'll also note that I've outlined options available to you to have this resolved.


Please get in touch if there is anything else that we can do to help!


Kind regards,