SA Virtual Power Plant BASICS

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Each day you get to use 85% of the battery capacity if fully charged by your solar system

11.2 system = nearly 10kw use after full (95%) charge

Just times you system size by 85 and thats what you can use

COMMAND site is a DELAYED guide only ----YAWN

Open the door and look at the 5 green lights

If sunny and all lights green and display shows 000 then you have a fully (95%) charged batt

Now if the KW dot is green then that is how power your house is using from your batt

So its easy, your 11.2 system will run 200 on display (2.00), thats a 2KW load for 5 hours then back to grid you go

If it shows 4KW then you get 2 and half hours then back to grid

It if shows 3KW then you get 3 hrs and 20mins then back to grid

If you dont understand the above then you are a salesman/con-artists delight

These systems are designed to only operate between 10-85% charge of battery size so that battery should last nearly 20 years, if these ranges are allowed by software to go below 10 and above 85 your battery will be nappy itself in a short time

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Hi Zbusc,


I know the equipment actually does belong to us and not AGL as we have purchased and paid for it, but for some odd reason I feel reluctant to actually open the main cabinet and look inside but it seems you don’t share my reluctance which I can fully understand, so, how many of us open the cabinet on occasion and how many are like me, I really would be interested to know?




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