Reading the smart Meters

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Hi All
We have just had Solar installed and have a MK10D meter and also a MK7C meter.

The readings on the MK10D are on no 3....921.1 and on no 13.... 227.9.

The readings on the MK7C are on no 3 144.7 and no 13 zero.



Can dome one tell me if the no 3 reading is exporting and the no 13 importing of energy and if so how much would the current bill

equate to on these readings thanks 

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Hi @aj


Apologies for the late response! I've assigned your question to one of our very knowledgable team members and they will get back to you with a resolution as soon as possible. 



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Hey aj,


Thank you for your post! 


If you haven't already, please refer to our post regarding digital meters. If this doesn't clear things up for you, please let us know and we'll be happy to help further.


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