Graph on my account doesnt appear to be working.

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Cannot understand why graph shows no solar feed in when system produced over 31kw 25th feb. I was out all day and only had fridge on at night when I retired for night. Normally only use 8kw day. How could fridge use 50kw???  Dont understand. Graph appears to not be working properly. Cost so far changes yet total cost credit has stopped working.  What does cost so far represent?? 

Thank you.


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Hi Chris24,


Thanks for your post!

Can I ask you to confirm if your data has updated at all since this made this post? If not, it'd be great if you could get back to me with a screenshot of what you can see here.





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Hi Jayden, 

Thank you for your reply.

Data is not showing any solar fed into graph 28/2 either.  System produced 27.7kw, and how a celing fan which isnt on all night, and fridge can use over 30kw while Im sleeping is beyond me.

Ive been taking daily readings and making note so I can see and understand how system works. Its not unusual for graph in my account to,show no solar being fed into grid, even though system working well and producing in high 20kw to high 30skw 

Interesting experience.

Are graph readings on my account an estimate or read remotely from meter on daily basis Jayden?

Is cost to date cost for kw bought from grid?

I have noted total credit has stopped increasing for some reason, unusual.

My first bill will be interesting. 

Solar is not easy to understand on daily basis.

Thank you Jayden. 


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Unfortunately, once again graph on my account isnt working properly as solar feed in doesnt appear and 35kw was produced yesterday 3rd May. I only had ceiling fan and fridge operating and yet supposedly used 30kw.  Cant see how celing fan and fridge could use that much. Solar feed in would have more than wiped that clear.

Would be nice to have graph read appropriately. 

Thank you.


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4th march my solar produced just over 34kw, yet solar feed into grid does not appear on graph, funny that, why?? 

Solar more than covers 20kw supposedly bought from grid.


Thank you. 

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8th March, sad to say graph not indicating solar feed into grid on my account. Solar produced 33.5kw 8th which more than covers. power used.

7th march doesnt indicate correct feed into graph either.

Why are estimates shown on graph of solar feed into grid or power purchased when net meter is available to read? 

It wouid be great if graph indications were accurate. Frustrating when solar fed into grid not indicated on grid half the time and estimates made..  Why is that? 

Thank you. 

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31st March graph not showing solar feed into grid at all on my account. Solar feed in is over 34kw which more than covered useage and once again not showing on graph. 

This is so frustrating, very inaccurate and not appropriate.

Whats going on Jayden?


Thank you.



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Hi @Chris24 


I've just noticed this thread and it looks to be an ongoing issue - sorry about that. We might need a screenshot to assist.

@jayden_AGL are we able to help out here?