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I just read today that the Goverment still offers a rebate for feed in tariffs from solar panels. How do we apply for this so it can be added on top off our megre amount agl gives us? With future rises of electricity tariffs will the feed in tariffs rise? Come on agl you can't keep taking and not give back something to your loyal customers. Am I allowed two (now three) questions?

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Hi @Kim1


Thanks for getting in touch with us. It is true that the State Governments are still offering solar rebates, however these are only to customers who were eligible at the time that that initiatives were available. 


The closure dates for the government schemes in each state:


  • PFiT60 - fully installed by 30/09/2011 (application submitted by 30/09/2011) Scheme ends 2024
  • TFiT - fully installed by 30/09/2012 (application submitted by 30/09/2012) Scheme ended 31/12/2016



  • PFiT44 customer group 1 - fully installed by 29/12/2012 (application submitted by 31/08/2010)  Scheme ends 30/0/2028
  • PFiT44 customer group 2/3 - fully installed within 120 days of 01/10/2011 (application submitted by 30/09/2011) Scheme ends 30/06/2028
  • Stepped TFiT customer group 4 - fully installed within 120 days of 01/10/2013 (application submitted by 30/09/2013) Scheme ended 30/09/2016


  • PFiT60 - fully installed by 30/06/2012 (application submitted by 18/11/2010) Scheme ended 31/12/2016
  • PFiT20 - fully installed by 30/06/2012 (application submitted by 28/04/2011) Scheme ended 31/12/2016


  • PFiT44 - fully installed by 30/06/2013 (application submitted by 09/07/2012) Scheme ending 30/06/2028


For more information on legacy solar schemes please see the Energy Matters website, via this link


For information on the current available tariffs, please see the Energy Matters website, via this link


If you would like us to confirm your specific solar plan/rebate, please send myself a private message with your account details or get in contact with us via our webchat team.