Gas pipe removal

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We have recently had the gas disconnected from our house and now we are waiting to get solar and battery installed but the old gas pipe is protruding from the ground where the solar battery is to be installed. So we need someone from AGL to cut off the old supply line and remove the old pipe. Also the old meter is still here and needs removal.

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Hello Hawkeye2


AGL is your Retailer and therefore unable to remove any gas infrastructure. 

The removal of any gas infrastructure has to be approved by your gas distributor & usually carried out by a gasfitter plumber.


I am unsure but I think AGL can apply on on your behalf, or a gas fitter can apply on your behalf to your Gas Distributor. 


Your Gas Distributor will most likely make some sort of pricing offer "you pay" to allow for this work to be done. Only your Gas Distributor can remove the Gas Meter. Suffice to say I do not think this process will be cheap.


At my previous residence I stopped using the Gas and had a final read done then my gas tap was tagged in the off position by our Gas Distributor. I left the Gas infrastructure in place as I was in no way going to pay a fair amount of money and all the hassle of having it done.

( Plus it would have been zero benefit to me, or negative benefit as I would have been out of pocket by a fair amount. )


We had a Gas cooktop stove

And gas heating pipes all over the house which we never used so all we did was have a gas fitter come in terminate the Gas line under the cooktop then swapped that out for an electric cooktop.


Shame about the pipe you have protruding. Something may be able to be done about that but I think you will carry the cost.


Please note that the info above may vary from state to state and from Distributor to Distributor. Everything I have stated above is to the best of my knowledge and may contain errors.


I would do some research on this as I am fairly sure you will be shouldering the cost.


At anybody from AGL or in the know please feel free to correct me on any point as I am not 100% on this.




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@hawkeye2 @John-T 


I know what I would do.


The gas pipe is not connected to the supply any more I would get out my shovel dig down, follow the pipe then when you are clear of where the battery is going I would get a hack saw and cut off the pipe below the ground.


Please note I said hacksaw and not a grinder. 

You also may find that the upright pipe may be threaded below ground and you could simply unscrew it.

Cheers Neil

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AGL Moderator
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Hi @hawkeye2,


Welcome to AGL Neighbourhood!


Please get in touch with our Gas New Connections team on 1800 680 430, Monday - Friday 8.00am - 5.30pm (AEST) for best advice on how to proceed with removal of gas pipe.


Kind Regards,