Confused: If i already have a smart meter that can do net metering why do I need a new one?

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I already have the EM 1200 Electricity Meter installed and have solar panels - which i have had for many years, the manual says:  "new features including Net Metering for “Green Energy” tariffs and Voltage sag / swell monitoring, plus the addition of RS232 and pulsing outputs fitted to every meter makes the EM1200 an exciting new addition to any meter fleet" why do i need to change?  How do i know if i am on gross metering or net metering?  If I am on gross, can I stay with my meter but get it changed to net?

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We can confirm your current metering set up, if you could please send a private message with your account details and we will get back to as soon as possible. However if you have received notification that a digital meter will be installed this will be configured as a net meter. 


Otherwise, if you still have the details for your solar installer you can give them, a call to confirm what meter was originally installed.