Battery fan on a hot day

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On a hot day the fan in my Sunverge battery cabinet works flat out. Would it help heat removal if I kept the battery door open?



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Hey Dave,


Welcome to the community!


When it comes to the specifics of your equipment, we find it's always best to seek advice directly from the manufacturer! You should be able to find the information your after in any manuals provided, or alternatively, you could can Sunverge directly.


If you have any further enquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out!


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Hi Jayden,

I have been a member of the community ever since my VPP battery was installed by AGL. In the past, I have had several queries about my battery answered here. I believe it is somewhat difficult to get a direct answer from Sunverge. I would appreciate some input from your technical section.



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Ou battery fan is going crazy too. It sounds like a very loud air conditioner.

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Sar, it seems to make sense that everything will run cooler if we can leave the door open on a hot day. All we have to do is find out if it is OK to do this.


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Hi Dave,

i agree that seems logical. It was my understanding that if we open the door it sends an open door message to AGL. They have called me and told me they had an open door alarm coming from our battery (although the door was shut at the time). AGL do need to tell us what we can do about this, I can't imagine that the batteries are operating effectively when they are working so hard to stay cool.



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Ours seems to kick in above 30deg.  Has done so a few times this week.


A quick search of the manual found this.


"Your SIS unit is equipped to withstand a wide range of climate conditions. A combination of built-in fans and/or heaters keeps the battery and other cabinet components within optimal operating temperatures. The SIS unit will automatically turn on cooling and/or heating as needed. You may hear an audible hum, particularly on colder or warmer days. This sound indicates the unit is working safely and as expected for normal operation."


Looking at the placement of the fans, It looks like they are there to pass air over the internal componants.  If the door is left open, the designed air flow would be disrupted and the componants would be relying on passive air flow.  I would be keeping the door closed as the unit is designed (according to specifications) from -20 up to 50 deg.


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I was advised suring the insatllation that leaving the door open will trigger an alarm in the control centre

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Interesting.  I was never advised that I could not open the door by the installer.  I was advised that it should be padlocked for security.

During the first couple of months, AGL Solar monitoring was down so often that I would check the state of the system by opening the door and eyeballing the battery inverter.  I have yet to be told off by AGL yet. 


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My question I would have thought was super simple but still awaiting a reply. 


'Adelaide is going through a very hot spell and the internal fan does not stop running, 24/7, I do expect it but my question is, there are two fans I can see and feel from the outside, the right hand side one works but the left side may be faulty or whatever but never comes on, ever, should 1 or both be running on days like this?'


When I open the cabinet I don't get a warning or ant contact with Sunverge/AGL as to 'cabinet open', why is this?







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