Annual Refund

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Can you please explain what AGL means by "automatic annual solar bank refund". Does this mean that I can no longer request a refund when my credit balance is high.

AGL Moderator
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Hi jeffreysol,


Thank you for reaching out.


We have several refund options available for our solar customers.


We offer automatic solar refunds directly to your bank account or via cheque on a periodic (quarterly) basis or an annual (yearly) basis.


If you opt into annual refunds you will receive a refund yearly on the anniversary date directly to your refund method of choice.


Kind regards,



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Thanks Megan. Since I installed solar 6 years ago my habit has been to wait until my credit builds up to a reasonable amount and then request a refund. Lucky me I know. This happened seamlessly regardless of whether this was my efficient use of electricity or a government contribution. Obviously AGL policy has changed. My frustration is that on 3 occasions my refund has been approved and then denied. Customer service seems to be telling me what I want to hear in the hope that I will go away. This is what I intend to do. Thanks again.