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From my earlier post


 I would like to have a more complete approach to the issue of home energy and ev personal transport and look for a total house hold package that consists of solar panels and home storage and ev that all connect to by virtual grid as an when required. The ev also enabled as a power storage device when not in use I.e at night when not required.


Can agl provide an effective home/ev package (sized to our yearly demands)that i can lease for 5 years where energy generation and commensurate billing amortisation provides a stable reliable month cost? If so, what other flexibility features could your provide I.e ev change over options new and used ev’s, great grid power sharing during peak demand bonuses etc...


Further more, can agl also provide a bolt on home internet home package? Agin all under one service provide which all services are fully integrated?

AGL Employee
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Hi Scillaherb,


It’s great that you're thinking about how an EV can work as part of a total home energy solution.


If you are interested in a easy and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of an EV without the upfront price tag – we’ve recently launched an EV subscription product There are four vehicles to choose from with no lock in contract, and it allows you to get a taste of owning an EV without all the hassles and cost that comes along with actually owning a car.


 Further to that, we also have our EV energy plan which is a very competitive plan to help reduce the cost of at home charging for EV owners.


In terms of using the EV to power your home/export surplus energy back to the grid: Currently the Nissan Leaf is the only vehicle that can be used for Vehicle to Grid/Home purposes. It also requires a specific type of charger that is not yet commercially available in Australia. We don’t currently have a vehicle to grid product, however it’s certainly something we are looking at and hope to be able offer to customers in the future – so watch this space!


If you would like to stay in the loop regarding all news/offers/products that were working on relating to EV’s, please visit and leave your details.


I hope this answers your question, please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any further queries.


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Thank you for your response regarding agl endeavours to provide a one stop shop in relation to home energy and transportation needs.


i am also interested to understand whether agl is also actively encouraging and support further incentives promoting the broader promotion of ev in australia.


i assume current leasing and pricing for ev are a bolt on arrangement with cost past through to the consumer. Value proposition for agl customers in the form of economies of scale, tax incentives and import tax all have significant implication regarding the uptake of ev’s as part of the one stop shop offerings adding real value to agl customers partners and share holders.


Are you able to outline what agl is planning to do to create the most value for customers in regards to pricing of ev’s and to what extent is agl actively working to changes in attitudes (legislative) to seriously drive and support cost and industry easing?
As an agl customer I am sure a speak for allot of interested people looking for real future value.