Affordable energy is in everyone’s interest

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Hi everyone,


Welcome to the Community's Affordable Energy thread!


We support the Government's commitment to deliver a fair and transparent energy market for all Australians. This is the place to discuss affordable energywhether that be to share your experience, discuss progress, or to ask any questions you may have about the subject. 






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Yes affordable energy is in everyone's interest.


So why are AGL shutting down low cost coal fired power stations and increasing our reliance on unreliable, intermittant so-called renewables?


Admit it, AGL prefer to generate their profit from taxpayer subsidies for unreliable solar and wind rather than actually providing power through coal or gas



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Hi @geo and @Talan2

Thank you for your contributions to this discussion. (For issues relating to the outage on usage being shown through your online account, please see this article.)


We are committed to getting out of coal. We do not see a future coal, and have put our customers at the centre of our minds when making this decision. As the country's largest electricity generator, we are in a unique position – AGL is both the largest ASX-listed investor in renewables, but we have the largest carbon footprint. We cannot afford to approach the climate change debate with an ideological perspective.


Our investors, many of whom are ordinary Australians that own AGL through their superannuation, want us to be planning for the future. We know our customers rely on coal-fired generation now, and we understand they want a cleaner source of generation into the future. So, while political certainty would be very helpful, we will continue to get on with creating our own certainty to deliver the energy our customers need.


If you would like to read more from our CEO, Andy Vesey, you can check this out.


Cheers, Jordan

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