AGL tariffs available with solar

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Can anyone tell me if I am able to be on a single rate tariff now that I have solar installed? My smart meter was reconfigured for FIT and low and behold I am now on a time of use tariff with peak at 0.41c between 3pm & 9pm.

This was done automatically without any consultation with me. Is this normal with AGL? Are other suppliers similar.

Any help appreciated.

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Hi @Jaybeff51 


As you have not supplied a few key pieces of info that is needed for myself so that I can try to help you.

All I can do is supply you with information on a case similar to yours.


My friend recently had a 13.2KW System installed 10KW Inverter.

And after her meter was reconfigured she found herself in your situation from single rate tariff to TOU, she had already nominated the equivalent of AGL's Solar Savers plan.

She is not with AGL but is with one of the big 3 , Her energy Distributor is Ausgrid.

And resides in Sydney NSW.


Two phone calls to her Retailer and she is now on a single rate tariff plan and on the equivalent to AGL's Solar Savers plan.

So in short yes other Retailers do this. It is up to you to action what you want.


PS: I do not work for AGL, I am just trying to give you some insight.





Plan:          Solar Savers

Dist:           Endeavour Energy

State:         NSW

AGL Moderator
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Hi @Jaybeff51, it will depend on the energy distributor. I will send you a private message so I can look into your account. Thanks- Mark.