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Re: Latest price rise / dropping feed in tariff

Hi Michael, exactly what I have just done ie. got rid of TOU and changed back to single rate. Don't care about the miserly 5.2 FIT. Will be using as much electricity as possible during the day and hopefully cost bugger all or very little. Soon going to get rid of the gas HWS as well. And probably EV in the future. And if I find a better deal elsewhere in the future AGL will get the boot. By the way I have a 10Kw system and retired couple at home only. Cheers!
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AGL tariffs available with solar

Can anyone tell me if I am able to be on a single rate tariff now that I have solar installed? My smart meter was reconfigured for FIT and low and behold I am now on a time of use tariff with peak at 0.41c between 3pm & 9pm.This was done automatically without any consultation with me. Is this normal with AGL? Are other suppliers similar.Any help appreciated.
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