AGL is installing new Net Digital Meters for free, but is there on-going fees?

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I understand that AGL is installing new 'net' digital meters for customers 'free of charge'. Of course there are normal caveats that you meter doesn't have any complications or other issues which would require addtional install cost to met by the customer. I have had a Ausgrid qualified installer look at my meter box and he has quoted $880 (inc GST) to install the 'net' meter (ie.install 3 phase net solar/domestic meter & a seperate off peak-1 meter and seperate relay). Under this scenario, I will own the meter outright.


I am wondering that if I wait for AGL to install the new digital meter, then will I be charged an ongoing  monthly fee service fee by AGL for the supply & maintenance of the new digital meter? Will I be locked into a contract period of 2 or 3 years as a condition of the 'free' install. What is the catch? Is it really a 'free' install?

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Hi @AnthonyG


Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community. I have just sent an enquiry to our digital metering team. I will get back to you shortly with an answer. 



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Hi Anthony,


Are you 100% sure that via Ausgrid you can own a digital meter, in all my readings to date I have never known anyone to actually own their own meter, but I will stand corrected.


In SA AGL are doing a rollout of free digital meters that are free, completely, no service fees etc. if you don't fit the criteria like meter box too high or no room to install a digital meter or other complications, then it won't go ahead, that has been my experience here in SA, as for other states, AGL are better equipped to answer that one.




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Hi @AnthonyG


AGL is offering to replace current analogue meters in SA, NSW and QLD with digital meters. In having a digital meter installed, it will allow you to utilise the AGL Energy App, to monitor your usage and set alerts for consumption. You will also have access to AGL Energy Online where you can compare your usage to other similar homes and obtain detailed energy reports about your consumption. 


The meter exchanges are currently being offered free of charge, as long as there are no issues with your meter box, switch board or wiring. If there any issues the meter exchange will not go ahead. If you want the digital meter to be installed and there have been issues identified, you would need to fix any issues at your cost before the exchange can go ahead. 


Regarding your rates or AGL contract, these would continue as normal until your current offer is up for review. 


If you want any further information you find it all here on our website.