AGL customer service missing- solar meter upgrade

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Hi All

we have been AGL customers for years and have finally given up on getting anywhere.

here is our story:

  1. We got panels installed quite a while ago
  2. lodged a request with AGL for meter upgrade and was told that they could not process the request as they could not locate the paperwork. The customer centre guy promised us that they will give ur meter upgrade a priority as soon as we email the papaerwork.
  3.  Then I contacted the installer who confirmed that they had already emailed the paperwork but I still proceeded to resend it.
  4. I have been chasing AGL now for weeks but to no avail. In the last call they advised me that it's something Endevour Energy (asset owner) will do.
  5. I then contacted Endevour Energy and they replied by email(promptly) that it's something for retailer I.e AGL to undertake and not something for EA.
  6. so after being forced to be the yo yo for a couple of weeks I have given up and don't know what to do?
  7. moving to Click Energy is an option as at least they seem to offer lower electricity rates.

Hope someone has a solution for this. I seem to be left with only one option as AGL are not even responding to my corro.




AGL Moderator
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Hey Shah,


Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


So that I can follow up on this ongoing matter for you, I'll ask that you send me a private message including your AGL account number and email address, and I'll get back to you ASAP!





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Hi Jamie,


Thanks for getting someone to ring us.

Based on the advice given to us, the only way forward for us is for us to moove to another provider.

Even your AGL rep agreed that there is not much AGL can do to get the meter upgrade happening and to avoid the panels sitting on the roof without doing anything, its better for us to moove to another company.


A bit disheartening to hear that such a big company not recognising importance of loosing customers and having guidelines/policies in place to deal with such situtation(which is not unique to us).