AGL Checklist prior to going solar

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Hi, I have done my usage research and have decided to go solar.


What do AGL require of me; what should I do as preparation?


I obviously need a smart meter and will request that soonest.


Is there a checklist of other tasks I need to complete?



AGL Community Manager
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Hi freddles,


Welcome to the Community! 


That's great you have decided to go solar, and it sounds like you have already done quite a bit of research was is great!


To understand what next steps might be or a checklist,  check out this previous post or it might be best to speak directly with our solar team on 1300 769 918 or visit our solar site . When visiting AGL solar, you can chat online with an expert by selecting the yellow button on the right of the screen "Speak with an expert" - or click to request a call back. 


Here's a possible checklist:


Here's a few more resources that might be helpful too:


I hope this helps, please let us know how you go!