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Wind turbines, solar panels, home battery storage - if it's discussion about renewable energy you're after, you'll find it here.

Wind turbines, solar panels, home battery storage - if it's discussion about renewable energy you're after, you'll find it here.

solar feed in tarff prices


hello just wanting to know the prices for solar feed in 




Eight cents per kw but its not worth having solar panels unless you get a battery to run your house at night.

Every kw you use from the battery is worth thirty four cents to you.


@letitia @Zues 


I suggest that you look on the AGL website and see what is available to you.

Click HERE do view AGL plans.


Do not believe what has been stated here I get over twice the figure stated above


Purchasing a battery may be of no value to you, it all depends how much excess power that you place back onto the grid.


I would suggest the other person reviews their current plan as well.


Pricing is dependant on where you live and your personal situation.


you can only get 16 cents feed in tariff if you have a small system under 10kw

I have 26kw of panels and 26 kw of batteries, i do not get power bills even in the winter time in Adelaide as the batteries run the 8kw AC plus power the house each night and supply eccess power to the grid.




As I stated in my reply to @letitia .


Don't believe what you read.


The original question was what I answered, how to find the tariffs.


In SA, NOW a single phase home can only get a 5kW licence, a three phase home can only have a 15kw licence.


I get paid 20c per KW and we only use 5kw a day and at the moment (ie JUNE) our 6.6kw system is only producing an average of 13kw a day, we are consuming (average) 4.21kw a day, from the solar we produce, and we are using an average of 5.166 Kw a day.


Our daily cost for electricity (all inclusive of all charges/export) is $0.3407 a day.


We owe nothing on the solar and have $800 credit on our AGL account (which they will pay us for at the EOFY).


Now having said that.


Is there any reason why you would like to confuse @letitia  any more ????


Solar feed-in Prices are paltry, usually not more than 6 0r 8 cents.

a better way is to use the electricity by storing it in a battery and using it yourself.

that way you offset the price of 25 to 28c per kWh that your electricity supplier is charging you.





If what you are stating is correct.


8kW AC  would use 24 kW in three hours and nearly discharge your battery.


Read your manual your AC may use 3kw and would depend on your current duty cycle (ie your temperature setting)


As I have always stated don't always believe what you read here.






you are correct, if we run it for four hours at night the batteries will run out at about 5am and draw power from the grid until sunup.

Just got my winter bill 24 may to 21 Aug $40.15 but they took it off my credit and paid me $2,280.10 

Personally i love my batteries.



from my bill i get 16c but pay 36 cents and what I see is they measure the energy used and charge at the 36 cents then deduct anything you generate, so if during the day I generate 5kw and use 5kw they will pay me 80 cents but charge me $1.80. even though all the power used was generated from my solar panels. (also add the 80 cents a day supply charge) The only way to get to use the power you generate and not be charged for the your own power is to go off-grid. Using batteries at night sounds good but I believe they can also draw power from your system(batteries) to feed the neighbors  and if there is a power outage you still get no power.

I have 2 properties, one totally off-grid and the other a holiday place where we recently spent 3 weeks there and although we generated power from the solar panels for 12 weeks and only used for 3 weeks we got a $75 bill. 




Well, let me have a guess at a few things.

From your name I believe you may be in Ceduna SA.

You get a feed in tariff of 16c per kwH.

You pay 36c per kwH for usage.

You pay 80c per day to SAPN for supply charge.


Now if you generate 5kw you will get 5*16 or $0.90

But you also use 5kw or 5*32 or $1.60 a day.

You pay 80 per day $0.80.


Your cost per day is

 Usage $0.80 plus $1.60 or $2.40 a day

 You generate $0.90 a day

Total cost per day is then $2.40 - $0.90 or $1.50 per day.


There are 90 days in a billing cycle.


90 * $1.50 = $135....


Now you are saying you only got a $75 bill,


Looks to me like you are ahead.


Without all the facts  can't help you much.


If you have an old solar system I can tell you that some require a MANUAL restart after a power failure (quite common at Ceduna).


With no usage and no solar you would expect to pay 90*$0.80 or $72  every billing period.

Please  come back and tell us what your issue is.