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Just wondering if there is a step-by-step instruction on how to obtain a public IP address so that I can port forward relevant ports on my BYO modem.


Your provided Dynamic IP address is private, and provides 'Strict' NAT type (or Type 3), and is putting limitations on my kids ability to play online video games with their friends.


Also just for reference, UPnP doesn't seem to work with provided private IP, and I can only assume DMZ as well (although I don't want to DMZ anything).





AGL Community Manager
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Hi @IdentityUnknown ,


To enable a public IP to allow for port fowarding you'll just need to get in touch with AGL support and request one. Unfortunately this requires account access so we won't be able to handle it via this public community.


Rather than waiting on hold, your best bet will be to use the AGL app or My Account page to send us a message, and the team will get back to you.


Keep in mind that once this is enabled there will probably be some additional configuration steps that will depend on your BYO device.