Enabling Bridge mode - Allowing content to be served on open ports and be viewable from the internet

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Hello Community,


Im trying to access a webserver on my local network from the internet. However even with firewall and port permissions are correct on my end ( Be it Windows 10 or the eero device) i still can't access said webserver.


I later contacted EERO and they told me everything is fine on my end (when they accessed my eero device)  and that i was running in "Double NAT" mode.


So i researched around and it ends up that all i need to do is enable "Bridge mode" somewhere. But where?


I reached out to AGL Tech support on 3 occassions ( 2 calls and 1 chat ) And they did not know how to help when i mentioned double NAT or port forwarding?


Help appreciated!

AGL Community Manager
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