Just changed mobiles over to AGL. Now we don't have message response when people call us. How do we

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I'm having the same frustration. Messages via the app are not actioned and wait times on the phone a far too long. This week I have spent an accumulated over 3 hours waiting for service on the telephone. Last call was terminated at 1 hour 20 minutes after I'd inched from 27 to 6 in the queue.  I'm not going through that again, so I have messaged for someone to call me.  All I want is to set up my messagebank. I need them to authorise it before I can do anything. My entire experience with AGL Mobile has been very poor to date.  I understand the service is outsourced, but AGL needs to be responsible for how their performance reflects negatively on their corporate brand.   I'm at the point where if they don't call me back within the next 48 hours I'm ditching them.  Yes, everyone is under pressure with absenteeism, but surely they can do better than I've experienced and at least follow up their messages.