I need to activate the sim card

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I need to activate my new sim card

AGL Moderator
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Hi @thedonn,


We are excited to hear that you are ready to activate your sim! There are 2 very easy ways you can do this, the first being via our website here, or alternatively, our friendly team can do this with you via the phone on 13 12 45. 


Please don't hesitate to let us know if you experience any issues with your activation!


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Hi there,


I well received the sim card and still want to keep my number.

My old service got limited now - very annoying to keep working.

I got home and wanted to activate my card online but there is a problem on AGL website when I click on "Activate Sim card". It says "Sorry something went wrong. Please try refreshing the page."

Of course nothing happens when I do refresh the page, it just leads me back to the home page.

Then I try to call your number 13 12 45 to activate it but of course now I cannot make any calls.


I do really need my number to use my data on internet and to make calls and received calls, this is so frustrating that your website doesnt work.


Please help me this is urgent.


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Can you please reconnected My AGL Sim cards now please 

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I also need help to activate My AGL Sim card. Please