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Hello, I am trying to get transferred from ReAmped to AGL. I applied to AGL 11 days ago on 1/2/21. I cannot obtain a transfer date from either supplier. ReAmped says they are waiting for notification from AGL, AGL says they are waiting for the next meter read. The fact is that ReAmped bill me monthly and can read the meter whenever they want to, since I have a smart meter. There is no "next meter read" date on my bill. As far as I can see I will never be transferred over since each supplier is waiting for a notification from the other. Meanwhile I am losing money daily because my current plan is unsuitable for solar power which I recently installed.

I have got absolutely nowhere with Chat and cannot speak to anybody on the phone, I am put on endless hold.

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Has now been 15 days. No answer yet in this thread.


No answer to my emails.


I requested (via chat) a callback on 8/2/21 and also on 12/2/21; both times I was assured I would get a callback within 24 hours. No one from AGL has called back yet.


Meanwhile my losses are mounting. If there was an alternative company offering a reasonable Feed-In Solar tariff I would certainly have switched to them by now.

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Hi idlingdove,


Thanks for being part of the AGL Community. 


I am sorry to hear that you haven't heard back yet. As this is an enquiry relating specifically to your account, we will need you to contact us directly, and we'd be happy to look into this further.


Kind Regards,


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The "contact us" just leads to the same old thing. As I said, I have got nowhere on chat. I cannot call, I am put on endless hold. So I resorted to the AGL Neighbourhood forum as a last resort. Seems like this is no use either.


How about AGL contacting me with answers to my concerns expressed above? You have a plethora of choices: phone, SMS, email etc.


I received a message from ReAmped two days ago saying AGL had requested a transfer today 19 Feb. Is that correct? Will the transfer be made today? And do you not think I, as the client, should have been the first to be informed about it???