listed as business instead of residential. agl not resolving....

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the place i'm renting, which is very clearly a house as any one can simply use google maps to check, is listed as business instead of residential for some bizarre reason. after spending $10 on a phone call to resolve this, all they could do was tell me to send in a rates notice to prove it's residential. i'm renting, i don't get rates notices, and my real estate said they don't get them either and basically no chance of getting it. i'm not the one at fault here, so why should i have to pay business rates? chat told me to try the 'message us' option to get in contact online with the resolutions team, but the button just reloads the login page and doesn't work.

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When I complained to AGL about my $22 a day gas use and then next bill was $33 a day I receive information I thought was incorrect and the app just said this is the case so like it or leave it basically . Tried to setup up a meeting face to face but this company doesn’t do face to face customer service . I cannot resolve my bill  of $4000 + in a reasonable way. I won’t accept there explanation and they do not want to hear or listen to mine .I am headed for court . Very poor service . 

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Hi @Toolman890, unfortunately some distributors do require to see a rates notice before they will make updates like that, I'll take a look at the account though. I will send you a private message with details I need!

@MT123, I will look at your account as well so that we can work out the best way to get this sorted for you. I will give you a PM as well!