No customer service for International customers

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I have trying to speak to someone (Anyone) in regards to a huge gas bill of over $1,000 for the month. The gas has been turned off at the meter as the house is being renovated. Your international number is out of order - so I can't call you. When I ask the personal assistant for a call back they say they can't call internationally.
How on earth can I contact you - as I suspect that if the reading is true there must be a leak.

Please let me know how I can contact you!!!!!!!!!!!

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I forgot to mention that I live in Singapore

AGL Moderator
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Hi @James66,


Thanks for getting in touch. You can find out different ways to contact us here


I'll be more than happy to look into your account for you, I'll send you a private message to grab your account details.




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Good Afternoon AGL, 


We have recently resolved a gas bill of $1,136.10 from  26 Jul 2022 to 25 Aug 2022 and this has been applied for a credit due the gas meter has been capped off since May due to the renovation and meter was read incorrectly.


There should be no gas running during the renovations and can confirm there are no gas leak.


We had received a gas bill of $90.34 period from 26 Aug 2022 to 25 Sep 2022 now we have received another invoice period from 26 Sep 2022 to 25 Oct 2022 ($1,426.83).


So far there has been two gas bill was been read incorrectly and one appears to be correct. We urgently need this to be resolved as matter of urgency. 


: 26 Jul 2022 to 25 Aug 2022 (31 days) $1136.10 -Incorrect

  26 Aug 2022 to 25 Sep 2022 (31 days) $90.34

: 26 Sep 2022 to 25 Oct 2022 (30 days) $1426.83- Incorrect