estimated usage, very high, but i have a smartmeter!

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My electricity usage has started to show estimated values since 6th November (it's now 26 Nov), and the estimates are much too high - I know this because I have another smartmeter (from my solar) that also measure consumption from the grid. When the AGL usage values were actual (not estimated) then the two smartmeters readings were within 2% of each other. 


Now the AGL estimates are 500-600% bigger than the other smartmeter.


I am getting close to the end of my billing period and I don't want to receive a bill based on this 'much too high' set of estimates.


Anything I can do about this?

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Hi david_rmr! 

Welcome to the AGL Community! 

We'll need to check your account to see what could be causing this for you, please Contact Us as we won't be able to resolve your enquiry here. 


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