Wrong meter listed on bill

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have just been trying to sort this problem out by phone but after a lengthy wait I was in the middle of discussion when I got cut off!

The issue is that for some reason AGL have the wrong meter number on this account and I have received mail from Alinta saying that no-one is paying for the gas at this address. Details below. The account is in my son's name as he is the occupier of the house but has a disability and is unable to manage these things, I explained all this when setting up the account and it was accepted.

This account took a ridiculous time to set up in the first place, from 2/10/22 there were at least 5 phone calls to AGL before the account was opened, although gas was being supplied, and now we find you have made another stuff up.

The account details are below and the CORRECT meter number is M8A1752261. I have no idea whose meter you are billing to us, the number shown is M8A151628, but can you please correct this before the gas is disconnected.


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AGL Moderator
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Hi Yorkie1, Thanks for reaching out. We are sorry to hear about your experience. If you have been billed for the incorrect meter we will ensure that this is reversed and the issue is rectified at the earliest. I will send you a private message shortly to discuss further. Thank you, Deepesh