When usage will be available after moved from other provider?

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I moved from other provider to AGL for my electricity usage and solar FiT.

It is now near 1 month and I still cannot see the actual usage (i was able to get hourly usage history from my old provider). 

I had a chat with AGL online team and they said it is a smart meter in the record.

May I ask usually how long it will takes AGL to receive the actual usage ?  The estimate they had in the app  is very high compare to our usage history in the past.  It will be good to have usage up to date so we can keep an eye on it.




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Hi Thomson! 


Welcome to AGL Community! 


The app certainly can provide you with usage data, however when you first come over to AGL it can be a bit delayed in receiving the data because its the first time. 


This generally fixes itself up within the first billing cycle, if not sooner. 


Thank you